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What is the Best Way to Remove a Tick?

tick bulldog blogTicks pose serious dangers to both people and pets. The most common concern is Lyme disease, but ticks can emit as many as five infection-causing pathogens. The best way to keep ticks away from pets is a reliable parasite protection product like Frontline Plus or Bio Spot. But, it’s important to know how to safely remove a tick should one ever latch on to your pet.

Stick to These Safe Tick Removal Methods:

To safely remove a tick from your pet, you can either use tweezers or purchase a tick remover. Carefully part your pet’s fur where the tick is and pull it out by the body. Be sure to apply firm pressure with the tweezers or tool, but be careful not to pinch or twist the head off. The goal is to remove the tick in entirety.

Avoid These Unsafe (and Ineffective) Tick Removal Methods

There are a lot of myths out there regarding tick removal techniques. Some people think you can coax a tick out with products like petroleum jelly or nail polish. The problem is, ticks don’t just back out. Even if these products do end up killing the tick, the head will stay embedded.

Another popular (and dangerous) method is burning the tick out with a match. Pets have hair, which is highly flammable, making for a very dangerous situation. Not only do you risk burning your pet, but ticks are actually toxic. Burning a tick can let off a toxic fume that is dangerous to both pets and small children.

If you have any questions about parasite control or safe tick removal, consult with your veterinarian.

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