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What to Look for on Pet Food Labels [Infographic]

Loving pet owners all want to do what’s best for their pet. This means adequate exercise, plenty of love, and making sure your furry companion’s diet provides complete nutrition. A healthy pet food is important, but unfortunately, deciphering the wording on pet food packaging isn’t always as straightforward as some might think.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established rules regarding what wording can be used on pet food packaging based on the ingredients. For example, food labeled “Lamb for Dogs” must include 95% of the mentioned protein, while food labeled “Lamb Dinner for Dogs” must only contain 25% of the referenced ingredient. A food labeled “Dog Food with Lamb” is only required to contain 3% lamb. These small differences in wording make a huge difference in determining the nutritional value of a pet food.

Owners should also pay attention to the ingredients list. The ingredient that makes up the highest percentage of the food will be listed first, followed by subsequent ingredients. Ideally, a high-quality protein should be first on the ingredients list.

For more helpful tips regarding reading pet food labels, check out our infographic, and be sure to share this important information with other pet owners!

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