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Why Do Cats Kick Litter Out of the Box? | VetDepot Blog
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Why Do Cats Kick Litter Out of the Box?

pretty cat standing 2 blogIf you find yourself sweeping up litter around your cat’s box a lot, you’re not alone. It may seem like your kitty is throwing litter around in a playful way, but it’s actually more of an instinctive behavior.

Even in the wild, felines tend to follow a certain set of behaviors when it comes to taking care of their business. First, they inspect the area. Before elimination, they may dig a shallow depression. After elimination, they tend to kick material to cover up what they’ve left behind.

If sweeping up a large amount of litter is becoming a frustration, consider one of the following three solutions:

1. Invest in a box with higher sides: A higher litter box will definitely cut down on the amount of litter that escapes, but be weary of making a drastic change too quickly. Put the new box near the old one and lessen the amount of litter in the old box over time. This will ensure your kitty doesn’t revolt and start eliminating outside of the box.

2. Use less litter: Lowering the litter level a bit can help solve the problem, just be sure there is at least three inches of cat litter covering the bottom of the box.

3. Make cleanup easier: A simple way to make litter cleanup less of a headache is to place a small rug or newspaper underneath the box.

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