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Why Do Dogs Bury Things?

dog digging blogWhether it’s burying a rawhide bone in the backyard or his favorite toy under a pile of dirty clothes, dogs have a tendency to bury things. It’s natural for canines to bury their prized possessions, but why is this?

Long ago, wild dogs had to hunt for food, which took a lot of time and energy. In order to protect their meal from other animals, or because they had too much to devour in one sitting, they would bury the rest of the meat in the ground. The dirt acted as a natural refrigerator and prevented others from smelling the meat. Although your domesticated dog probably doesn’t have to worry about getting enough to eat, this instinct to bury and protect possessions is still very much alive.

You also much want to consider the possibility that you’re being overly generous with toys and treats. Your sweet pup may have so many prized possessions that he buries some to save for later. If this is the case, try rotating your dog’s toys so he doesn’t  have access to them all at once, and make treats and chews a once-in-a-while special reward.

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  • Diane Andrews October 29, 2015, 7:18 am

    My dog buries rawhide bones in my couch. I have always had a dog, but never one that buried anything. She later goes back and tries to find them and she tears up my couch. I have found a stick of butter, granola bars and her rawhide stuffed in between my couch cushions. She has other toys, like kong’s and such, but she doesn’t hide these. It only seems to be food related objects. I thought she was just crazy!

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