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Why Do Dogs Shed?

Believe it or not, dog’s fur isn’t just for extra cuddley cuteness. A dog’s fur aides in protecting his skin from environmental factors like the sun as well as helps to control his body temperature. Without fur, dogs would face many health challenges. It’s completely normal for a dog to shed as this is a natural process once the fur stops growing. However, depending on the breed, seasons, and any existing health conditions, the frequency of shedding will vary.

Some breeds have double coats of fur and will naturally shed their undercoat during spring and fall. These types of breeds include the Labrador, Beagle, Retriever, and German Shepherd.

If a dog is shedding much more than what is normal for the particular breed it could be due to:

Environment- A change in a dog’s environment can cause shedding due to stress or anxiety. For example, moving, car rides, or visits to the Veterinarian may cause stress or anxiety which will cause extra shedding. If you have noticed your dog’s hair seems to be all over the place (including you and your clothes) when they go to the Veterinarian this is why.

Skin disorders- Skin disorders are a common cause of excessive shedding.These disorders include but are not limited to ringworm, dermatitis, fungal infections, mites, fleas, and parasites. If you notice skin irritation in the form of bumps, rashes, or scabs in addition to extra hair loss, make an appointment for your dog to be evaluated by their Veterinarian.

Allergies– Particular medications, foods, and household cleaners may cause your dog to shed more due to an allergic reaction. If you notice extra shedding after introducing a new product into the household, it’s most likely due to an allergy you dog has to the product. This is the same for any new foods or medications your dog is given.

Fur all over you, your house, and furniture can be frustrating and you may wonder how you can prevent it. Unfortunately, you can’t stop a healthy dog from shedding, but you can try to get a handle on it with grooming supplies.

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