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Why Do Some Cats Have Blue Eyes?

birman blogHave you ever noticed that some cats have blue eyes? This can occur in the feline world for one of two reasons:

1. Solid white cats with blue eyes are often the result of a genetic defect that not only affects coat and eye color, but also affects the inner ear and limits hearing ability.

2. Certain breeds have naturally blue eyes and do not have a predisposition to deafness. These breeds have a recessive gene (meaning it is always passed on to offspring) responsible for partial albinism, meaning the eyes lack pigment and appear blue.

Below are three of those naturally blue-eyed breeds:

siamese blogSiamese: (pictured left) Probably the most recognizable of the blue-eyed breeds, Siamese are known for their graceful tendencies, lean builds, long legs, and wide-set ears. These blue-eyed beauties are very devoted to their human families and crave attention.

Birman: (pictured above) With silky fur and sparkling blue eyes, these kitties are sure to catch himalayan persian bloganyone’s attention. This breed is known for being soft spoken and highly adaptable

Himalayan Persian: (pictured right) This breed is a combines the long, beautiful coat of the Persian with the colorpoint traits of the Siamese.

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