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Why Do Some Little Dogs Choose to Pick Fights with Big Dogs?

small angry dog blogIt’s not uncommon for the littlest of dogs to have the biggest of personalities. If you’re the owner of a dog (big or small), you may have noticed that some small dogs always manage to have an attitude with the biggest dog at the park – but why?

The simplest answer is that small dogs are still dogs. They’re capable of barking, growling, and protecting their space and family from potential threats. If they perceive a large dog as a threat, their doggy instincts are going to kick in, no matter what their size.

Another contributor to the small dog, big attitude phenomenon is that many little dogs are terriers or terrier mixes. Terriers were originally bred to hunt rodents, a task that required some serious tenacity, so fearlessness is often ingrained in their nature.

Lastly, because of their tiny size, small dogs aren’t always socialized with larger breeds as puppies. Since socialization is best learned at an early age, this can trigger an uneasy reaction to big canines as adults.

Whatever the case may be, common sense needs to be implemented if a quarrel erupts between dogs. A little dog attempting to take on a big one can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Snarling and growling should never be allowed to escalate into fighting, so it’s always best to give agitated dogs (no matter what their size) some space.

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