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Why Identification Tags Are Important

Do you keep a collar and id tag on your dog at all times? If you don’t, you really should considering doing so. Regardless of whether your dog is an inside or outside dog, there’s always a risk of your dog getting out and becoming lost. Having an id tag on them will aide in their safe return.

You may be reading this, thinking this a silly blog subject considering your dog is microchipped or would never run away. Dogs can become lost much easier than one might expect. There are so many potential scenarios that could happen. For example, someone doing work in your yard may forget to close the gate, allowing your dog to escape. Or a storm may frighten your dog causing them to dig under a fence or jump over a fence. For whatever reason, if your dog runs away the first step in their return is having an id tag.

Having an id tag with your dog’s name, your name, address, and phone number will allow neighbors or good samaritans who find your dog to contact you. Even if your dog is microchipped, this would require the individual who finds your dog to take them to their nearest vet or shelter. While many individuals would go out of their way to help a dog who appears to be lost, sadly some individuals may not. However, having an id tag on your dog allows whoever finds your dog to easily contact you. This greatly increases the chance of your dog returning home safely and quickly.

Put yourself in your dog’s paws. What if he or she were to become lost for any reason. Imagine how scared and anxious they would be. Just like we humans have identification, and keep it updated, so should our pets.

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