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Why Pets Should Be Allowed Everywhere

Ben a 2 1/2 year old West Highland White Terrier, owned by Lauren Johnston, a nydailynews.co Web Editor, visits the News Photography, Department and meets Photo Editor, Blanca Torres. Friday June 26th is Take Your Dog To Work Day.

“Every day should be take your dog to work day!”

As more and more studies are proving that pets have a remarkable healing effect on humans, the number of public places that allow pets is growing every day! Not only are pets allowed in more stores and restaurants than ever before, but animals are being encouraged on college campuses and in office jobs all over the world. In many cases, stress levels are not only reduced, but productivity improves as well, so why doesn’t everywhere allow pets? Well, after this list, hopefully more people will be enlightened to the benefits of having pets surrounding us at all times (besides the fact that they are cute and hilarious):

  1. Pets make people happy – For most people, this is a big enough reason to include pets in our everyday life, because let’s face it: the world is a stressful place, and having cute dogs, rabbits, cats, birds, etc. around really lifts everyone’s spirits! This has been a known fact by pet-lovers since the beginning of time, but now thanks to studies and events, skeptics are realizing that pets indeed have a miraculous therapeutic effect. In a society where stress is rampant due to work, school, family, etc., why not have a full-time stress relieving buddy by your side at all times? Just think about whenever you see a pet in public – whether it is a dog, rabbit, or that random person who brings their parrot to the beach – doesn’t it brighten your mood instantly? There is something about the all-loving nature of animals that brings a smile to someone’s face. Even those who aren’t “pet people” can’t help but smile at the expression, personality, or sheer ridiculous nature of the pet in public.pethappy
  2. Pets improve your health – Because of their seemingly endless capacity to love, pets have been linked to more and more improvements in health, ranging from sleeping patterns to heart health! While most of these “healing effects” are due to their loving nature, that does not make their health benefits any less valid. The biggest thing that they contribute is a happy-go-lucky attitude that not only reduces stress, but also aids in lessening anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues. Stress causes a lot of strain on the body, which makes us sick, exacerbates existing health concerns, and creates new health issues as well – besides being physically and emotionally exhausting. Therefore, by lessening stress levels, it does a lot of good for the body’s physical and mental health. Unfortunately, many hospitals and nursing homes do not allow pets, so they are missing out on the healing powers!
  3. Pets can literally save your life – There is a multitude of ways that pets can save human lives – we already discussed one of them, which is lessening stress and therefore aiding in promoting a longer, healthier life. In the same vein, many pets have actually saved their owners from committing suicide or other types of self-harm, by simply being there, or actually physically stopping them from inflicting damage on themselves. I have heard stories of dogs saving their owner from an overdose, by spilling the medication bottles and scattering pills under the stove, hiding sharp objects, or just simply coming into their lives and reminding them of all they have to live for. Even in every day situations, your pet can save your life in a time of crisis or disaster, like these heroic dogs!heroicdog
  4. Pets help those who cannot help themselves – It is a fact that service dogs do an outrageous amount of beneficial work for those who are physically or mentally impaired. Whether it is a seeing-eye dog for a blind person, a Veteran suffering from PTSDor a person afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome, the capacity of dogs’ ability to help is endless. It is quite common nowadays for service dogs to be trained to stay on alert in case their owner’s blood sugar is dropping to dangerous levels, or if their owner’s heart is having issues that require medical attention. While certified service dogs and therapy dogs are allowed in more places than “normal” dogs, they are still not allowed everywhere, which isn’t fair to the owners. Some people have seizure disorders or paraplegia that requires them to have a four-legged helper with them wherever they go!pethelp
  5. More people could own pets – Think about it: a lot of people that aren’t pet owners always have the same excuse when you ask them why they are pet-less. “I don’t have enough time,” or “I’m not home enough,” are common answers to why they don’t have a companion animal. Well, if everywhere allowed pets, then people would be able to have them, and there would be less animals in the shelter as a result! So many loving animals wait in the shelter for potential adopters, but the pool of potential adopters is smaller than it should be because of lifestyle conflicts like work, school, or their landlord’s rules. Without so many restraints, more people would be able to rescue animals and feel the benefits of owning a pet that we all know and love!
  6. Pets inspire better productivity – There has been lots of undeniable correlation between pets and improvements in productivity in the workplace and educational facilities. In addition to universities turning to pets for reducing stress due to projects, exams, and college life in general, having pets at work has been shown to not only improve overall mood and morale, but increase efficiency of office work. The reason is simple: when people are not stressed out, they tend to work and study better, which automatically improves the workflow and creates a more creative atmosphere. Why not foster a better and more effective working or learning environment by including pets in on the action?collegedog

While pets are usually prohibited from public places due to reasons concerning cleanliness, the “cons” are definitely overpowered by all of the “pros” that pets have to offer. Why keep society at large from enjoying the many benefits of pet-ownership just because the animal “might” relieve themselves in a store, which would require a bit of cleaning up? Is it worth making pet-ownership inaccessible to people just because the animal may bark or misbehave in the workplace? Pets have life-saving attributes, and that to me overshadows any sort of “precaution” due to sanitary reasons or otherwise. What do you think about this? Share any stories or insight that you have in the comments below!

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  • Bruce January 6, 2016, 3:41 am

    Michigan has a law on the books about not allowing pets in or on outside patios of restaurants. I for one would like to see that change. I like shopping at the few places that allow dogs to enter their store like ACE Hardware. I have gone into Home Depot with my dog (before seeing the prohibited sign at the door) and was welcomed by employees and customers, however it was early in the morning when they weren’t very busy.

  • Sharon June 7, 2017, 2:02 pm

    While I understand the effect the service dog (not emotional support animal) can have for its master, I disagree with your article. There are a number of people (Statistically one in 4) who are uncomfortable in the presence of dogs. The specific reason why is not important; however, exposing these people to the unnecessary stresses of the presence of your pet is not reasonable. And then of course is the inconvenience or simple repulsiveness. I do not like going into a grocery store knowing that my grocery cart will have had previously a dog’s butt on it.
    I also do not like that owners do not control their pets. I can honestly tell you that my husband and I went into a prestigious architectural firm last week to have plans drawn up. I was greeted by not one but two large dogs. It was evidently a take your dog to work any time policy. After only marginally keeping the noses of the dogs out of my crotch, I was escorted down two hallways to a conference room with a large conference table where the architect would meet with us. Upon entering the room I promptly stepped in a large pile of dog s***. The secretary laughed and said, “oh looks like Henry left you a surprise hahaha!” Then she said I was welcome to use the men’s room around the corner to wash the dog s*** off of my brand new deck shoes, and left. When I returned to the room now somewhat nauseated (the only thing marginally as gross as dog feces is human…) Henry was lying in the corner of the room with a leg hiked in the air, licking, well…I will let you imagine. The architect was sitting at the table and said, “I heard you had an accident!” After explaining in no uncertain terms that I was NOT the one that had the accident, we chose not to use the firm.
    Lastly, safety is a concern. More and more, people have decided that pitbulls are the appropriate emotional support animal to be rescued. Statistically these animals, when they become aggressive, inflict mortal if not fatal wounds. My degree is in anesthesia. I have seen dog-inflicted wounds on children that would mortify you. Even one person maimed or killed by another’s emotional support dog in a public place is one too many.
    While I understand that you love the idea of having your companion animal with you at all times, please respect my wishes in a public place not to be exposed. Again, true service animals are the grave exception, but HENRY is not that…

  • Emily November 28, 2017, 9:18 am

    i agree 100% with this articale

  • joey April 10, 2018, 8:07 am

    thats cool bro.

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