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Why Pugs Are the Best

1. They make you smile. Pugs are little clowns who love to make everyone chuckle. Their cute little shaking booty and big ole eyes make them irresistible.

2. They are so cute! Who can resist a smushy face? Their curly tails look just like cinnamon buns and their endless rolls make you want to hug them immediately! They are great snugglers that will keep you warm and cozy.


3. They are the best listeners. Have anything heavy on your mind or just need a friend to talk to? Pugs are the friend for you! They will listen intently, never judge you, and most of all, never spill any of the deepest, darkest (or embarrassing) secrets you divulge.

4. They are down for anything! Whether it’s a road trip, watching movies on the couch, playing, or dressing up, they will do it. Literally, they will do anything as long as they are with their loved ones.

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