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Woops – Accidents Happen | VetDepot Blog
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Woops – Accidents Happen

embarrassed-dogClean-up is part of every pet owner’s life.  Inevitably, dogs and cats will urinate, defecate or vomit in the house. Whether it is part of the house training process, a symptom of disease or just one of those things that happens from time to time, thoroughly cleaning up the mess is an important part of preventing a repeat performance.

Getting the smell of urine out of carpet and upholstery is particularly challenging.  If the material can safely be laundered, this is the best way to proceed, but many times this is impossible. Cleaning Solutions fall into two main categories: enzymatic cleaners and the more traditional products that contain detergents and the like.  Enzymatic cleaners work very well but it is important to remember that they can take several weeks, or until the product is completely dry, to be fully effective.  Also, enzymatic cleaners are degraded by detergents, so if you plan on using both products, use the enzymatic cleaner first, wait several weeks, and then clean the area with a traditional cleaning product.

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